Music Coordinator

Posted: 02/28/2021

The purpose of the music coordinator at Immaculate Heart Church is to develop and lead the music ministry in consultation with the pastor, in a way that is consistent with the mission, values and beliefs of the Catholic Church.
Duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to:
- Schedule music choices for each Mass, usually by liturgical season, for congregation, cantors,
choir, instrumentalist and soloists.
-Preview new materials.
-Oversee the ordering of all music and hymnbooks.
-Oversee the changes required seasonally to maintain hymnbooks.
-Practice and prepare organ/piano preludes for each Mass.
-Play the musical instrument at each Mass. -Obtain substitutes when needed.
-Oversee maintenance of musical equipment.
- Prepare, rehearse, and direct the choir/cantors.
- Train, schedule and prepare cantors.
- Write and arrange music to suit the capabilities of the musicians
Please email [Email hidden] with any questions and to submit a resume. We appreciate your interest in joining our wonderful team!